Genshin Impact: Where To Find The Floating Hydro Fungus & Location

Here is the location where you can find the Floating Hydro Fungi in Genshin Impact.

Floating Hydro Fungi are one of the many enemies that you can fight in Genshin Impact. They may appear cute but will actually attack you. Even though their attacks add to their adorable looks. But you can farm them for some Ascension materials that can be of use in the future. So without further ado let us check where to find the Floating Hydro Fungus in Genshin Impact.

Where to Find Floating Hydro Fungus in Genshin Impact?

where to find floating hydro fungi in genshin impact
Image Credit: Map Genie

You can find the Floating Fungi in The Chasm Underground. They are most commonly encountered at the following locations:

  • Underground Waterway
  • The Glowing Narrows
  • On the southeastern area of the map (South of Stony Halls)

They appear like a blue jellyfish cloud, and their element is Hydro. You could also consider them to look like mushrooms. When they try to attack you, they will use any of these two moves:

  • Headbutt: The Floating Fungi will charge and dash at you. If it manages to hit you then its attack will deal you 30% physical damage.
  • Bubble breath: Floating Fungus mostly shoots a bubble at players. This is a Hydro attack that does 30% Hydro damage and inflicts the wet status to the target.

They also have 20% resistance to the Hydro element. When eliminated they can drop:

  • Mora
  • Character EXP
  • Fungal Spores

The higher level fungus can also drop rarer ascension materials like:

  • Luminescent Pollen: Dropped by level 40 or higher Floating Fungi.
  • Crystalline Cyst Dust: Dropped by level 60 or higher Floating Fungi.

At the time of writing this article, there are no known uses of Luminescent Pollen and Crystalline Cyst Dust. We just know that they are Ascension materials. But they can be of use later on. So it is a good idea to stock up on them.

That covers everything you need to know about the Floating Hydro Fungi in Genshin Impact including their location and where to find them. Since you are in the Underground Chasm for these fungi you might also want to check how to complete the Missing Miner Quest. And for more help on other topics for this game check out our Genshin Impact section.

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