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How To Make A Fletching Table In Minecraft

Create new jobs with the Fletching Table in Minecraft.

If you want to make a Fletching Table in Minecraft then this guide is all you need. In this game, you can collect resources and use them to craft things. As you progress, the materials become stronger but rarer. So finding them around the map can be troublesome. However, if you’ve come across a village, then you can trade with the villagers to get such rare items. Apart from the traders, you can also make use of unemployed villagers and this guide will tell you how.

How to Make a Fletching Table in Minecraft

How to Craft Fletching Table

In Minecraft, the main reason to craft a Fletching Table is to turn an unemployed villager into a Fletcher. To make this table, collect the following materials:

  • x4 Wood Planks (Any Type)
  • x2 Flint

Once you have these materials, follow this step-by-step process to make a Fletching Table:

  1. Open up the Crafting Menu.
  2. In the 3×3 Crafting Grid, place 2 Flints and 4 Wooden Planks in the exact order as the image above.
  3. Click on the Fletching Table in the right slot and drag it to your inventory.
  4. Then, exit the Crafting Menu and select the table to place it anywhere on the ground.

What Does a Fletching Table Do?

Fletcher Trading Menu

At the moment, you cannot interact with the Fletching Table directly like other workstations like the Furnace in Minecraft. So how do you use it?

As we mentioned, you can use this table to create a trader out of an unemployed villager. To use it, place the table within a 48-block radius of an unemployed villager’s bed. Once this villager finds the table, he will turn into a Fletcher. Then, you can trade with him for the following resources:

  • Sticks
  • Flint
  • Arrows (Normal & Tipped)
  • Bow (Normal & Enchanted)
  • Crossbow (Normal & Enchanted)
  • Emeralds

As you upgrade him to the Master level, he will have better items to trade. Since Emeralds are quite rare in this game, this trader is one of the best ways to obtain them.

That’s everything from us on how to make a Fletching Table in Minecraft. While you’re here, make sure you visit our Minecraft section for more content like How to Find Villages.