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Cult Of The Lamb: Best Fleece Upgrades

Check out our guide on the best fleece upgrades in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb is an indie rogue-like videogame by Devolver Digital. As you progress, there’s a wide range of different weapons and upgrade items. Fleeces are one of these items that have positive and negative traits to them. But this equipment can be quite handy during the different crusade runs. So, here’s our guide that explains the best Fleece upgrades in Cult of the Lamb.

Best Fleece Upgrades in Cult of the Lamb

As mentioned before, every Fleece has its pros and cons. There are six Fleeces in Cult of the Lamb that provide buffs as well as debuffs. So, here are the best fleece upgrades:

Fleece of the Lamb

This is the first fleece that you will get as default. As its description states, this cape is a noble garb fit for the leader of the Cult. But this fleece neither has any buffs nor debuffs. So, you need to progress into the game further to replace this Fleece.

Golden Fleece

While the previous Fleece didn’t offer any bonuses, Golden Fleece does offer an effective buff. You can increase and stack up the damage dealt with every time you kill an enemy. However, its negative trait is when you are hit by an enemy, you will be inflicted with double damage. So, it is a pretty risky Fleece upgrade. If you are well versed with all the moves of your enemies, it can be the right upgrade. But if you are new to rogue-based mechanics, we suggest you try on a different Fleece.best fleece upgrades cult of the lamb

Fleece of the Fates

As its description states, you can draw 4 Tarot cards at the start of your crusade run. The twist here is that you cannot draw any more tarot cards. It is a snow-white colored robe that gives you a guaranteed 4 tarot cards at the start. If you want to avoid searching the scattered tarot cards, this might be a great pick for you.

Fleece of Fragile Fortitude

This fleece converts all the gathered hearts into 1.5x the amount of blue hearts. While your refillable red hearts can heal and replenish your health, the blue ones are a bit trickier. That’s because these blue hearts neither refill nor heal you completely. Once you are out of them, it might be the end for you. The Fleece of Fragile Fortitude might be a great upgrade material for rogue veterans. You need a strategy and detailed planning as you choose this Fleece upgrade.

Fleece of the Glass Cannon

Another tricky Fleece upgrades out of them all. As you use the curses, you can cause double damage with half the cost of Fervour. But your melee weapon damage and health will be reduced to half. If you are efficient and well versed in ranged combat, the Fleece of the Glass Cannon might be a great pick for you. But make a note that as the curses are assigned randomly it can be a bit risky upgrade to choose.

Fleece of the Diseased Heart

With this Fleece, you get a Diseased or Sick heart each time a tarot card is drawn. But the risk here is that you can lose 100% of your gathered items if you are killed or die in the quest. We suggest avoiding the Fleece of Diseased Heart if you are new to rogue-like videogames.

In my opinion, the best Fleece upgrade would be the Fleece of the Fates. That’s because this fleece offers a guaranteed four tarot cards with less risk. Another right pick would be the Fleece of Glass Cannon which can inflict double damage from the curses. But if you are into close-ranged or melee combat, we say you are much at risk.

As for choosing the best Fleece upgrade out of them all, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

That’s everything covered about the best Fleece upgrades in Cult of the Lamb. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to level up followers and more Cult of the Lamb Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.