Flax Fiber Recipe And Uses In Muck

Muck keeps introducing cool recipes and build in-game. Here we take a glance at how we can make Flax Fibers and how to put them to use.

Flax Fibers are a type of essential crafting material in Muck. In this guide, you’ll not only learn how to make them but also how and where to use them. Mentioned below is the recipe for Flax Fibers and their uses in Muck.

How To Make and Get Flax Fibers in Muck?

fletching table flex fibers

To make and get Flax Fibers, you’ll need to first get yourself a Fletching Table workstation. This table enables you to make Flax fibers instantly. Follow the steps below to make a Fletching Table workstation that lets you easily make Flax Fibers.

  • Firstly, Gather 25 Birch Wood and 10 Flint.
  • Ensure you have a Workbench.
  • These are the ingredients for the recipe that gets you a Fletching Table.
  • Furthermore, press E to “Fletch“.
  • In the Fletching menu, select the blue-colored Flax.
  • These will automatically get converted to Flax Fibers.
  • For every Flax flower,  you get one Flax Fiber.
  • In order to get Flax, scout around wheat fields where these Blue Flax flowers blossom.
  • These have a very unappealing spawn rate but usually have 4 or 5 spawning together.

Flax Fiber Uses

flax fibers users

As of now, Flax Fibers have just two uses in-game that is repairing the Shipwreck’s Sail and crafting the Wolfskin Armor. This is quite the upgrade from what was actually just an over-enthusiastic blue flower sprite added to Muck. Here’s how you can use Flax Fibers for both.

Wolfskin armor:

  • The Wolfskin armor is an entire armor set and can be crafted using 45 Wolfskin alongside 45 Flax Fibers using a Fletching Table.

Repairing The shipwreck:

  • The shipwreck is a broken ship structure that contains a boat chest inside which players can find a Gem Map.
  • This Gem Map gives locations to Guardian Boss Totems.
  • Consequently, you’ll need Flax Fibers to fix the Shipwreck’s Sail.
  • Furthermore, on repairing the ship, the shipwreck enables users to “Leave Muck“.
  • You can do this by defeating Bob The Dragon who is the final boss in Muck.
  • Finally, defeating him ends the game.

So to really put things into perspective, Flax Fiber can be an important element that can help you complete the game of Muck. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. Here’s a list of the best weapons in Muck. We update this list often, so be sure to check it as the updates roll out.