How To Fix YouTube TV Not Working Error – Are The Servers Down?

If you have been facing server issues or your YouTube TV is not working, here is everything you need to know.

Many people have been wondering why their YouTube TV is not working. This streaming service lets you binge on all your favorite live TV channels. You can stream news, sports, talk shows, and many other shows that belong to channels like ABC, Fox, NBC, ESPN, Comedy Central, etc.

Any hindrance while watching your favorite show can cause frustration and since this is a live-streaming service, you can expect a few technical issues, every once in a while. However, if you want to fix this issue, you can scroll down and refer to the steps we have mentioned in this guide.

How to Fix YouTube TV Not Working Error

YouTube TV Not Working Servers Down
Source – YouTube TV

Here are some easy solutions you can use to get rid of any issues you are facing.

YouTube TV Server Status

You might be encountering problems like not being able to log in and watch your shows due to a server issue. This often happens, especially for these types of platforms. The only quick solution for it would be to exit the app, wait for a while, and then try checking it again.

Additionally, you can also check the server status by going through YouTube TV’s official Twitter. You can also go to Downdetector to check this, as they are a reliable source and you will give out the correct information about the server status.

Check Internet Connection

The streaming process will not function properly without a stable internet connection. You will either not be able to log in, your shows will keep buffering, or you won’t be able to start watching anything in the first place, if you have bad connectivity.

Log Out

YouTube TV Not Working Servers Down
Source – YouTube TV on YouTube

Sometimes simply, logging out and then logging in after a while might be the answer to your problem. Make sure you know all the necessary details before you log out.

Location Permission

Check to see if you have disabled your location on the platform. You will have to enable it in order for it to work correctly, as location information is required to access its features.

Update Application

Lastly, you can also try checking if there are any updates available. If you are using the app, downloading the updates can help resolve any other issues that you were facing as they mostly tend to fix existing bugs.

We have mentioned all the easy solutions you can use to fix YouTube TV Not Working Error. For more fixes and guides, you can also check out the YouTube section, right here on Gamer Tweak.