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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game XP Glitch (Fix)

Are you stuck on the same level? This is due to an XP Glitch in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and here's how you can fix it.

An XP Glitch is ruining the gameplay experience for those playing as Victims in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. No matter how hard you grind, this glitch won’t allow you to level up even a bit. What’s strange is that those playing as Family Members are free from the curse of this glitch. In case you are not getting any XP because of this glitch in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, then here’s what you can do. Take a look below for some fixes.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre XP Glitch Fix

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

There is nothing much that can be done to resolve the XP Glitch. The only solution to this error is reinstalling the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sadly, this workaround only works for PC users. For now, Console users must be patient and wait until the new update rolls out. It is for sure that the new patch update will be released soon. That’s because the developers are well aware of this problem. They have posted about this Texas Chainsaw Massacre XP Glitch on their Twitter as you can see below:

As mentioned by the developers themselves, a final fix will be released soon. So make sure to keep checking for updates on Steam, PlayStation Store, or Xbox (Microsoft) Store.

Since the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a new game, there are various issues alongside the XP Glitch. For instance, you can encounter an error that can cause your Voice Chat not to work. Similarly, there’s a Fatal Error in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well. To get rid of them, you can check out our guides on Gamer Tweak.

But for the XP Glitch in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the above is what you can do. In case you are having any other trouble during your playthrough, then we have plenty of helpful guides for you. Just head over to our Texas Chain Saw Massacre section to get access to them.