Content Warning Voice Chat Not Working (Fix)

Wondering what you need to if your Voice Chat is not working in Content Warning? Our guide will help you understand how you can resolve this issue.

While playing this game, especially with friends or random players, the most important aspect is communication. Without it, you cannot coordinate with your teammates, which can affect your overall gaming experience. Similarly, if you have encountered audio issues and faced the Voice Chat Not Working error in Content Warning, you are not alone. However, with the help of the steps we have mentioned, you will be able to get rid of this issue and get back to discovering dangerous entities in the dark.

How to Fix Voice Chat Not Working in Content Warning

Content Warning Voice Chat Not Working How To Fix

While the devs are already working on the audio quality issue, according to the recent post they made on the Landfall X (Twitter) account, we have listed some of the ways you can get rid of the Voice Chat issue from your end –

Select the Correct Microphone

Firstly, you will have to ensure that your microphone is connected to the game. To do this, click on ‘Options‘ from the game’s main menu. Once your game settings open up, select the ‘Audio’ tab. Here, the first option will be ‘Microphone,’ so interact with it and select the correct microphone device you want to use for the game.

Select the Correct Voice Chat Mode

There’s a chance that your teammates can’t hear you because you are not accessing the option to enable the Voice Chat mode itself. Therefore, to fix this, you will once again have to select ‘Options. ‘ Under the ‘Audio‘ tab, you will find the ‘Voice Chat Mode‘ button. There will be two options to choose from: Voice Detection or Push to Talk.

Additionally, if you have set your microphone correctly and your friends can still not communicate with you, it is probably because this option is set to ‘Push to Talk.’ As a result, you will have to press the V key to be audible.

Similarly, if you are not comfortable with this setting, you can choose to use the ‘Voice Detection’ option by simply selecting it. As the name suggests, when you speak into your microphone, your teammates will hear you without having to press any buttons.

Increase the Volume

If your teammates can’t hear you or you can’t understand what they are saying, you might have to adjust the Voice Volume option. This option is also available under the ‘Audio‘ tab. Once you have located the ‘Voice Volume’ button, move the slider according to your preference or to the right-hand side so that the volume is loud enough.

After tweaking all of these in-game settings, if you are still facing this error, try the following steps –

  • Install the latest game update
  • Restart Content Warning
  • Verify the Integrity of Game Files

This is everything you need to know to fix your Voice Chat not working in Content Warning. If you want to learn more about this co-op horror game, go through our Content Warning wiki guide and find out how to make money fast.