Remnant 2: Fix Awakened King Ultimate Edition DLC Not Showing

Remnant 2 players are facing a new kind of trouble with the Awakened King Ultimate Edition DLC not showing up for them. Players have been eagerly waiting for the Awakened King DLC since a long time. However, once it was release, many players who purchased ultimate edition for this (along with other rewards) cannot download or play it.

Whether you play on a PlayStation or Xbox, it seems that both set of players cannot download or access the DLC pack. The Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition comes with three DLCs (subject to release), a Survival Pack with numerous rewards, and early unlock to three armor sets that will come quite in handy.

How to Fix Ultimate Edition DLC Not Showing in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Fix Awakened King Ultimate Edition DLC Not Showing
Image Source: Remnant 2

Sadly, there is nothing you can do to fix the issue of the Awakened King DLC not showing up in Remnant 2. While the developers have acknowledged of the issue, they will need some time to fix the issue. So all that players can do is have patience so they can get to play the DLC pack soon. You can check out the tweet below from the developers who said they are working on it.

Hopefully, they will get it up and running in no time. While you wait for it to be fixed, make sure you have a proper internet connection working along with your device. It’s best if you connect your device via a LAN so you can get uninterrupted bandwidth while downloading the game. Along with that, make sure you restart your modem and router before you try to download the DLC pack.

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