The Finals Stuttering And Crashing Issue Explained – Is There A Fix?

Annoyed by the stuttering and crashing issue in The Finals? Here’s everything you need.

The Finals brings a fresh change to the traditional FPS games that we have had for a while. With high graphics quality necessary, it won’t b easy to play the game on low end PCs. However, recently there have been complaints of the Finals crashing and stuttering on many PCs even though they are backed by a strong set up.

While it is quite annoying, there is nothing much you can do to solve this issue. It’s still not clear as to why the game crashes even on high end PCs. It was assumed earlier that the game was putting a high load on the PSU which is why it kept crashing after a few mins. However, even with high end PSU and a huge amount dedicated to the game, players are still facing this problem.

The Finals Crashing and Stuttering Troubleshooting Tips

Can You Fix The Stuttering And Crashing Issue With The Finals
Image Source: Steam

Starting with the bad news, there is no way to permanently fix the Finals crashing and stuttering issue on PC. All that players can do is have patience and wait for the developers to provide with a working fix or a patch. Ideally, a small patch should fix the issue but players wouldn’t really mind a large update that resolves this issue along with others.

You can try to update GPU Drivers, Bios update, and a number of other troubleshooting tips. However, most players have found that these are useless when pit against this issue. If you are yet to divert more PSU power to the Finals, it’s something worth trying out. It’s also worth noting that there are one or two map that are heavily at the center of the issue and playing the likes of Monaco would be the cause behind the error.

It’s best if players contact The Finals Support. Not only will they get professional help but if more and more complaints pile up, the developers will be forced to work on a proper patch or update that will fix this issue permanently.

That’s all we have from this guide. If you are playing The Finals, our dedicated section has more such guides that you may find helpful. Do check them out while you are here at Gamer Tweak.