How To Fix Valorant Stuttering & Lagging Issues

Unable to enjoy Valorant due to constant Lags and Stutters? Check out this guide to know some fixes for it.

One of the most common issues found in multiplayer FPS games like Valorant is Lagging and Stuttering. These issues reflect badly when you enter a competitive lobby. Since there are multiple players facing this issue, we have come up with solutions to get it fixed.

Before we start with our guide, I suggest you check your Internet Connection. As it is one of the common reasons why most multiplayer games lag miserably. In case you think that Internet is not an issue, then proceed with the below solutions to fix stuttering in Valorant.

How To Fix Lags & Stutters in Valorant

Update Graphics Drivers

First up, make sure that your GPU is up-to-date with the latest driver versions. You can update your GPU drivers by using the following steps:

  • Open Device Manager and double-click on Display Adapters.
  • Next, right-click on your existing Graphics Card and select Update Driver.
  • From there, you can click on the ‘Search Automatically for Drivers’ button to get the job done.

Also, you can head over to Nvidia or AMD’s official website to manually download the latest drivers for your GPU.

Adjust Video Settings

In case your GPU is already updated, then I suggest you lower your Video and Graphics settings. Selecting a graphic quality stresses out your hardware to render high pixels. This somehow compromises with the FPS and makes your game stutter.

Disable Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling

How To Fix Valorant Stuttering & Lagging Issues
  • Press Windows + I to open Settings and click on Settings.
  • After that, go to the Display tab and click on Graphics Settings.
  • Now, you must toggle off the Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling.

Having this setting enabled makes your GPU produce advanced video quality for all games. So it is recommended that you disable it and then restart your PC to play Valorant without stutters.

Close Background Apps

If you have any other application running in the background, then it is recommended you close it right away. This puts pressure on your hardware and makes it difficult for the system to run Valorant properly. You can press CTRL + Shift + ESC to open the Task Manager and close all the unnecessary apps.

That’s everything you can do to keep Valorant from Stuttering. For more such guides, be sure to check out our dedicated section for Valorant on Gamer Tweak.