How To Fix Spotify Wrapped “Something Went Wrong” Error

Unable to check your Spotify Wrapped this year? Here are all the solutions you can use to fix the “Something Went Wrong” Error.

One of the most talked-about events of the year – Spotify Wrapped is here. As this feature rolls around, Spotify users are eager to check their music-related stats and share them across different social media platforms. Needless to say, it is the only kind of result the entire internet (except Apple Music users) are excited about. However, many users reported that they have been encountering the error “Something Went Wrong” or “We’re all mixed up”. If you have been facing the same issue, read this guide to understand how you can easily fix this, and get back to sharing your Spotify Wrapped results.

Easy Fixes for Spotify Wrapped “Something Went Wrong” Error

Fix Spotify Wrapped Error

Spotify Wrapped will give you a list of your Top Artists, Top Songs, Top Podcasts and continues to add new features every year. However, if you are not able to check your stats, here are some of the solutions you can try out:

Basic Requirements

Many users have not been able to access this feature and this might be because they have not played more than 30 songs. Apart from that, it will be counted in your song ranking only if you have listened to it for more than 30 seconds.

Check Spotify Servers

Since this platform faced a lot of traffic, especially due to the release of this event, this error might be occurring due to a server overload. To cross check this, you can take the help of these services –

If this is the reason behind your error, you do not need to worry as it will most likely be fixed and you will be able to check your Spotify Wrapped stats.

Spotify Wrapped We're All Mixed Up Error Fix

Update your Spotify app

You will have to check and update the latest version of this app. For Android users, make sure you have version and for iOS you will have the install version 8.8.92.

Using the Search Bar

Once you open your app, you will most likely see the Spotify Wrapped event banner appear on your home screen itself. However, if you are not able to see it, go to your ‘Search’ option and enter ‘2023 Wrapped’. Additionally, you can also type in – spotify:datastories:wrapped

Spotify Wrapped via web browser

Lastly, if none of these solutions work out, you can go to the Spotify Wrapped website and once you log in with your account details, you will be able to view and access all the features of this event.

These are all the methods you can use to fix the Spotify Wrapped ‘Something Went Wrong” error. Make sure to go through our Spotify section and get more informational guides about your favorite app, here on Gamer Tweak.