Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug Fix (In Memoriam Quest Bug)

During the In Memoriam Quest or in general, if Sarah Morgan gets bugged, then you can use these fixes to get back to normal in Starfield.

Like Quests and Skill Challenges, Companions are also bugged in Starfield. I am talking about none other than Sarah Morgan here. For many players recently, she got bugged while completing the ‘In Memoriam’ quest. Just when you go over to collect the Genetags, she’ll stop following you. And due to the bug, convincing her to follow you back won’t work. In this guide, we will tell you how to fix this Sarah Morgan Bug in Starfield.

Also, there is this bug that freezes the game at one point. This will happen after you initiate a conversation with her. After a couple of dialogues, you will just freeze and won’t be able to do anything at all. This is just another Sarah Morgan bug ruining your Starfield experience.

How to Fix Sarah Morgan Bug in Starfield

To fix the issues with Sarah Morgan, you can try the following solution:

For most players, even on Reddit, bugged Sarah Morgan got fixed after you Unassign her from any Ship or Outpost. After removing her, you can find her back again in the Lodge in New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System). Simply interact and get her back to follow you to the right location in the ‘In Memoriam Quest’. This fix will also work if your conversation with Sarah Morgan is bugged and frozen in Starfield.

Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug
Another Sarah Morgan Bug (Image Source: Vec0)

This fix has been confirmed by plenty of other players on Reddit (1 & 2). Even players for whom it shows that Sarah is busy can try to unassign her too. This fixes all the bugs with any Companion or Crew Member.

There are plenty of bugs and errors that may come crashing on you. To get through these errors, and get answers to many other questions, you can check out our Starfield Wiki.

And now that you know how to fix the Sarah Morgan Bug in Starfield, we hope you find no other issues. Even if you do, we have plenty of Starfield Guides to cover you.