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Tower Of Fantasy Omnium Guard: How To Fix

Check out our guide on how to rebuild or fix the Omnium Guard in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of the Fantasy is an anime-infused gacha MMORPG with a plethora of missions and side-missions to complete. Fixing or rebuilding the Omnium guard is one of the side missions in TOF. You will get an EXP reward for completing this side-mission. While it is a short side-mission, completing it can be a bit trickier. So, here’s our guide on how to fix the Omnium guard in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Rebuild or Fix the Omnium Guard in Tower of Fantasy

You need to speak with Alfred, to begin with, this side-quest in TOF. You will find him at the shelter in the Astra region. As you interact with him, he will inform you that the Ravager attack has affected heavy damage to the Shelter’s Omnium Guard. Due to this, it is not working properly. So, follow these steps to fix the Omnium Guard:

  • You need to gather 10 Elemental crystal ores to craft a Titanium Driveshaft.
  • Head over to the Southern Ring Ranges mountains and Barrenstown to obtain some Elemental crystal ores.
  • You can also get some Ores to the northeast of the Astra shelter.
  • Depending on the different types of these Elemental ores, you might need suitable elements to break them.
  • Once you have grabbed 10 Elemental Ores, head back to the Astra shelter and interact with Alfred.
  • As you interact with Alfred, he will thank you for your support and ask you to talk to Gendry. He is the blacksmith for the Shelter.
  • Upon giving him the Ores, he will state that his forging materials are almost gone.
  • Furthermore, he will also state that there are a group of Hyenas that are ravaging his materials.
  • So, you need to head over to a location close to Stronghold. This location is 300 meters away from Astra Shelter.
  • Follow the quest marker to reach this location at Northern Ring Ranges.
  • You will find 5 Supply boxes at the location. But there will be a couple of Aberrants and Adlocks ready to attack you.
tower of fantasy how to fix omnium guard
Image Source – ZaFrostPet on YouTube.
  • So, be cautious and defeat them all to steal the Supply boxes. You can also avoid fighting them and stealing the boxes.
  • After you steal all the boxes, head back to Gendry at the Astra shelter.
  • As you interact with Gendry, he will give you the Titanium Driveshaft.
  • Take the Driveshaft to Alfred who will explain its importance of it. He will also tell you to speak to Norton, the Armor Mechanic.
  • While this will fix the first Omnium Guard, you need to head over to a Hyena Stronghold to repair the second one.
  • You need to gather the Power Supply Unit to repair it. As you reach the Stronghold, you will encounter several Hyena enemies.
  • To avoid these enemies, you can use the Mega Arena Spacerift to fly over to the Stronghold.
  • Once you have gathered the Power supply, head back to the Astra Shelter and interact with Norton.
tower of fantasy omnium guard fix
Image Source – ZaFrostPet on YouTube.
  • He will give you the X-II Armor Booster that you can use to repair the second Omnium Guard.
  • This will reward you with 2 Type V Armor Shard, SSR Shard Relic, 5 Universal Bearing, 3 Weapon Batteries II, and 1,068 EXP.

That’s everything covered on how to fix the Omnium Guard in Tower of Fantasy. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to get Unicorn Head, how to get Colossus Arms, and all answers to Lolita’s riddles side mission in TOF right here on Gamer Tweak.