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How To Fix No Sound Issue In New World?

Read this guide to learn how to fix the No Sound audio glitch in New World.

When playing New World, you may have come across an issue that causes you to have no sound when playing the game. This problem can occur either in specific areas or right throughout the game. It ruins what is otherwise an enthralling gameplay experience, and can be rather frustrating for those affected. If you too are one of those facing the error, you do not need to stress anymore. In this guide, we will walk you through how to rectify each of the issues in detail.

New World: How to fix No Sound issue?


Disable In-game Chat to fix No Sound issue in New World

Disabling the New World in-game voice chat feature can help take care of instances where there isn’t any sound throughout the entirety of the game.

Once you navigate to the relevant menu in the game’s settings, make sure to disable the said feature. Once you do so, just exit the game and then launch it again to check and see if the issue persists.

Re-open Inventory

If you come across instances where you can hear muffled audio when playing New World, you can try to open and then close the game’s inventory menu. Doing so helps restore audio back to its desired clarity and settings.

Switch Applications

You can try to switch to another application on your computer by pressing the Alt + Tab buttons. Once you do so, get back into the game and then pay close attention to the audio. This solution usually tends to work for most players, so it should do the trick.

Re-Visit a Location

When playing New World, if you find that you are unable to hear any sound in a particular location or region in the game, we recommend you walk out of there and head back in a little while later. This can help to solve the phenomenon of no sound in certain parts of the game.

It also helps to eliminate issues of looping sounds in New World.

Switch Audio Settings to fix No Sound issue in New World

If you experience a lack of volume or an audio glitch when using headphones in New World, you can switch settings. To do so, open up the game’s settings menu and head to the Communication section. Here, switch XM3 Headset to XM3 Stereo. This will take care of the issue on headphones.

Reset Game Settings

You might need to head into the Settings in New World and look for the Audio menu. Here, you can try and reset the settings back to their original settings. This can wipe out any faulty settings that may have caused your game to lose any audio.

Verify Game Files

This is one of the more time-consuming solutions in this guide, but it might just work. You can verify files with the help of the Steam application in order to check for any files that may be corrupted.

You will need to open the Steam application and then go to the Library. Find the New World game and then right-click on it to view a drop-down list of options. From these options, click on Properties. Once the Properties menu opens up, click the Local Files button, and then click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.

During the verification process, Steam will check if there is anything wrong with the files, and then re-download them. Also, the duration of the verification process usually depends upon the size of the game. So, you might need to be a little patient with this particular process.

Restart the Game

We have kept this fix towards the end as it can be rather frustrating in itself (ironic, right) This is because each time you restart New World, you will find yourself stuck in annoyingly long server queues to get back into the game.

These are all of the possible fixes for the no sound issue in New World. While this audio glitch can be frustrating, these simple fixes will help you get rid of them quite quickly. New World is a game that is best enjoyed with its audio, so make sure to fix it as soon as you can!

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