How To Fix Modern Warfare 3 TYR Conversion Kit Bug? (Answered)

Wondering how to fix the TYR Conversion Kit in Modern Warfare 3? Here’s everything you need.

Modern Warfare 3 players are no strangers to bugs and one of the most exciting weapons kits is the latest one to face the brunt of force. The MW3 TYR Conversion Kit is bugged for players and they cannot use any attachments even if they equip it. There are no slots available for players to attach any kind of equipment.

No matter what we try, there is no way that the attachment is showing up with the TYR. It seems like there is no way to fix it permanently. Having said that, we have explained all that you need here.

MW3 TYR Conversion Kit Error

Modern Warfare 3 TYR Conversion Kit Bug Explained
Image Source: Activision

Sadly, there is no permanent fix and none of the normal troubleshooting tips seem to be working. We have tried restarting the game and the console and no definite results have turned up. The only way this issue will be fixed is if Activision provides an update or a permanent fix for it.

While there are a bunch of troubleshooting like restarting, updating GPU Drivers, updating Windows, and a lot more that usually help, nothing is allowing us to add attachments to the slots with the TYR.

Call of Duty players have been facing numerous bugs since the release of Modern Warfare 3 which is why it has attained numerous negative reviews. Sadly, we will have to add the MW3 TYR Conversion Kit bug to that list and wait for a solution to turn up. We will update this guide once there is a working solution.

In the meantime, players can try to contact MW3 Support to try and get some clarity on the issue. If you like playing Modern Warfare 3, we have a dedicated section with more such guides that you can check out right here at Gamer Tweak.