How To Fix Mercenary Convoy Mission Not Working In MW3

One of the latest glitches to hit MW3 Zombies is during one of the missions, namely the Interceptor mission. While you are playing this, you will face the issue of the Mercenary Convoy Mission not working. If the glitch occurs, you won’t be able to collect the Stronghold Keycard from the leader of the mercenaries even if you complete the mission.

For the Interceptor mission, players need to find the Mercenary Convey in the map and then kill them. Once they get the leader and eliminate him, they can get the keycard. Although you don’t necessarily have to destroy the convoy, it is part of the mission so it’s best if you do. Since the mission is glitched, players are not getting the rewards for their hard work.

MW3 Zombies Mercenary Convoy Mission Not Working Fix

How To Fix Mercenary Convoy Mission Not Working In MW3
Image Source: YTLukeyy (YouTube)

If you are looking to fix the issue with the Mercenary Convoy Mission and get the Stronghold Keycard, the only thing that you can do is keep retrying it in another match. I am aware that the entire mission itself is difficult since the location of the convoy and how to destroy it are not really mentioned. Nevertheless, this is the only viable option since any troubleshooting tips I have come across has not been useful.

Additionally, on many occasions, players have received the Stronghold Keycard from the mercenaries but it does not reflect on the quest. Sadly, this is part of the glitch as well and if you are inclined on completing the quest, you should join another game and try it again.

According to this tweet on the Call of Duty X (Twitter) Page, a few patches are in works and hopefully, all these glitches will be fixed quickly. If you want a more hands on support, best contact the team at Call of Duty by following this link.

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