Diablo 4 Login Issues: Can’t Login On PS5 Fix

Facing Diablo IV login issues during Early Access? Check out our guide to find out how to fix the can't log in issue in Diablo 4.

With the Early Access of Diablo 4 out, many anticipated players are facing bugs and technical issues while logging into servers. While its long waiting queues can be annoying, it is the constant error codes that are more disappointing. The most affected by these error codes are the PlayStation 5 & other console players. As these players log in, they are stopped by the error code 315306 prompting an “unable to find valid license” message. But is there any fix for these Diablo 4 Login Issues? Check out our guide to find out how to fix the can’t login issue in D4.

How to Fix Diablo 4 Can’t Login Issue

diablo 4 login issues

Fortunately, the devs at Blizzard have acknowledged and currently working to fix the login issues in Diablo 4. According to Blizzard’s Customer Support, the dev team has done some work to help mitigate this issue. In addition, the Community Manager Adam Fletcher confirmed that a server-side hotfix was deployed on Twitter. But while it resolved the log-in issues for some players, a majority of players are still facing the “No Licenses” error code.

Previously, it was suggested by Customer Support to restart the console and retry logging in. As suggested by Blizzard, it can potentially fix the login issues on your consoles including PS5. But sadly, players are facing this login issue even after following the process. Considering the players paid some extra bucks to buy Early access, it’s unfair that they can’t login to Diablo 4.

However, the silver lining of the whole scenario is that the dev team of Diablo IV is deploying multiple hotfixes to resolve this issue. So, we suggest being patient and waiting until they fix this issue.

Until the login issues are resolved, you can check out the active forum thread for all updates. Or you can head to Blizzard’s official Customer Support Twitter account. If we find a workaround or fix to resolve the licensing error code, we will update this guide.

diablo 4 cant login

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