Last Epoch LE-61 Failed To Matchmake Error Fix

Not sure how to tackle the “LE-61 Failed to Matchmake” Error in the Last Epoch? Here are some fixes that you can try.

Last Epoch is now released in Early Access and you can expect lots of challenges during your playthrough. I am not talking about the quests but errors and glitches that are coming along. The “LE-61 Failed to Matchmake” error is one such issue that has caught several players in the beginning stage of the game. Due to this error, it is quite impossible to enter the Keeper’s Gate area. For the sake of progression, dealing with this matchmaking issue is necessary. To help you with that, here are some solutions to fix the LE-61 Failed to Matchmake error in Last Epoch.

How to Fix Last Epoch LE-61 Failed to Matchmake Error

The LE-61 Failed to Matchmake error in Last Epoch
[LE-61] Failed to Matchmake Error Message. Image Credits to Zizaran

Unfortunately, restarting the game did not fix this error. But there are a few other things that can be tried to deal with this situation. Below are all the solutions that can fix the Failed to Matchmake error in Last Epoch:

Flush DNS

In some cases, the matchmaking error has occurred due to a slow internet connection. Assuming that you have already checked your WiFi or Ethernet cable, I think you should Flush DNS to speed up the Internet. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • Click on Start and type Command Prompt.
  • Run the Command Prompt as Administrator and type ipconfig/flushdns
  • Press enter and you should get a confirmation message that the DNS was flushed successfully

You can now relaunch the Last Epoch and see if the LE-61 Failed to Matchmake error is solved. If not, scroll down for other solutions.

Play in Offline Mode

Play Last Epoch Offline to Fix Failed to Matchmake Error
Playing Offline is a good way to deal with Failed to Matchmake Error

Thankfully, Eleventh Hour Games has something extra for such situations. Players can engage in Offline mode to avoid any server-related issues, like this matchmaking error. Everything in offline mode remains the same, except for just some online features like the Bazaar, etc. But keep in mind that the characters in Offline mode can not be taken to the Online mode. Characters for both modes are different and can made in the Character Creation menu.

Check Last Epoch Server Status

This might not be a proper solution but will give you a heads-up of any ongoing server issues. Since several players engage in the Online Mode, the developers have to make sure that the server remains intact. For that reason, they often take down the servers for maintenance. This can be the reason why the Last Epoch is showing LE-61 Failed to Matchmake error.

Anyways, you can check what’s up with the servers by following the game’s X (Twitter) Account. Or else, there is also a Last Epoch Forum where you can find all such updates. From this, you will get an idea of how long will it take for the game to work properly again.

Hopefully, the developers will fix the Failed to Matchmake error in Last Epoch with time. Until then, wait patiently and enjoy the adventures of this ARPG.