How To Fix The Fallout 4 Crucible Quest Bug

The Crucible quest is bugged in Fallout 4 and players will face problems while attaching certain mods to their Power Armor. If you are looking for a way to fix, this guide is all you will need.

While Fallout 4 has been nothing less than impressive since its launch, there have been a few bugs that have nagged players now and then. The next-gen update brought fresh changes to the game and although there have been positive updates like the Codsworth bug getting fixed, negative updates haven’t been far behind. Mods are not working properly with the new update and there are a few other problems like the Fallout 4 Crucible quest bug.

While there is no permanent fix to this bug, the workaround involves players heading back to a familiar location. Due to this bug, players cannot attach the Flame Resistant mods to the legs of their Power Armor. Although this is a serious issue, there is a way to make the problem go away.

Fallout 4 Crucible Quest Bug Workaround

How To Fix The Fallout 4 Crucible Quest Bug
Image via Bethesda

The only way you can fix the Fallout 4 Crucible quest bug is by heading to the site where the Leg Armor was buried before. Players will have to pick them up twice before they can attach the Flame Resistant mods. Players had to reload saves that might have been so far back and that has caused a lot of problems. Unfortunately, this is the only way to fix this problem and you will have to go back no matter how long it takes.

Once you get the mods again, you will have to specifically attach them to the Power Armor legs and that should do it. Due to the next-gen update, there have been numerous bugs popping up around the Crucible Quest and they should be fixed soon enough. If you are looking for further assistance, you can contact Bethesda Support for the same.

That’s all you will need on the Fallout 4 Crucible Quest bug. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Fallout 4 guides in our dedicated section at Gamer Tweak.