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How To Fix Dev Error 6068 In Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Want to know how to fix Dev Error 6068 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare within minutes? Check it out right here

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare “dev error 6068” has been giving players nightmares who just wish to drop into the game and enjoy fighting each other. If you would like to fix this niggling error immediately, check the rest of this guide.


How To Fix Dev Error 6068 In Call of Duty Modern Warfare

There are multiple ways to fix Dev Error 6068 in COD: Modern Warfare, the issue makes the game stop running at the start or within 10 minutes of starting the game which can be extremely frustrating. The cause of this error is unknown but a lot of people have speculated it to be memory-related.

Here’s how to fix Dev Error 6068 In Call of Duty Modern Warfare

  • Use Low Graphic Settings
  • Enable High-Performance Mode on Graphic Cards
  • Changing VideoMemoryScale
  • Run COD: MW with DirectX 11
  • Disable Background Tasks
  • Repair Game Files
  • Increase RAM

How To Fix Dev Error 6068 In Call of Duty Modern Warfare


Lower Graphics Settings

Using lower graphical settings will allow the game to not push the performance up to its limit and will give your Pc some breathing space to run the game smoothly. There’s no point in playing the game if it just looks good but does not work as you want it to work. Make sure to go to the Modern Warfare’s setting page and then lower down all the graphical settings to medium or low and run the game. This has helped few community members online to get rid of Dev Error 6068.

Enable High-Performance Mode

Enabling High-Performance on Graphic Cards will help you conserve your RAM and push the VRAM of your PC to deliver a better performance. This will, in turn, help you get better performance and by pushing the limits of your Graphics Card you can get better frames and in-game details.

  • If you’re using an Nvidia GFX card, make sure to open the Control Panel, go to “Adjust image settings with preview” and click on “Use my preference emphasizing” to move the slider to the left for best performance.
  • If you’re using an AMD GFX card, open the Control center or Radeon Settings, select where it says Preferences, and then Radeon Additional Settings. Expand where it says Power and click on “Switchable Graphics Global Settings“. Now all you have to do is Select High Performance for the Graphic Setting and Apply.

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Change VideoMemoryScale

If the problem still persists, you can change the VideoMemoryScale, to change how much VRAM the game can allocate to itself. Go to where you’ve installed the game files and then look for the “players” folder. Inside you should look for a file named “adv_options.ini.” open this file using notepad and then change the value of “VideoMemoryScale” to 0.5 or 0.55. This is one of the biggest issues causing the problem Dev Error 6068.


Use DirectX 11

While DirectX 12 has been a revelation, it does cause some problems. You can run Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and check if the problem still persists, a lot of people have been saying that using DirectX 11 has solved the issue. Maybe this could work for you as well.

Shut Down Background Applications

Make sure that there aren’t many background tasks that are causing your PC to distribute RAM to processes that aren’t useful. If you find any that aren’t necessary to run the game. End the processes by opening the Task Manager and stop these processes, your Chrome browser takes a huge toll on the RAM and has been known to draw a lot of power. Closing it will help you to run the game smoother than before and might even solve the Dev Error 6068 In Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Fix Corrupted Game Files

There’s a possibility that one or more of your game files have been corrupted due to improper downloading or other issues. You can always fix the game files by opening your Battle.net launcher and clicking on the COD: MW icon from the list. This will bring up the game’s page, here look for the Options button and then click on “Scan and Repair“, this should help you to fix the problems automatically.

Increase RAM

Finally, if you’re playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with the recommended RAM notified by the developer, this might be limiting your RAM and causing it to stop abruptly. You can always add more RAM to your PC and this will allow the game to give you better performance.

These above-listed fixes should be enough to ensure that you no longer have to face the Dev Error 6068 In Call of Duty Modern Warfare and fix it permanently. While you’re here and facing another issue like How To Fix Dev Error 6165 In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare right here on Gamer Tweak.