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How To Fix Dev 6165 Error Of COD Modern Warfare

Game Crash Fix

Call of Duty Modern Warfare no doubt is an good game, but a few users on PC are going through various error once them in Dev 6165. The game crashes on PC giving out a error, and we are able to track down a solution for this. If you are facing Modern Warfare Dev Error 6165 and looking for a fix then here are some tips that will help you. By default one of the most common solution is to re-install the game. There is an risk of loosing your progress however if you had linked your account there is nothing to worry.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare – How To fix Dev 6165 Error?


Going through different solution there is no exact cause why the error occurs. But a lot of users on various communities had reported that they had able to fix this issue by tweaking graphics settings. But for this the issue is the game has to launch properly allowing you to enter the video settings. If this does not work use the default solution of re-installing Call of Duty Modern Warfare to resolve Dev 6165 Error. This will wipe out all the custom settings, resetting everything to factory defaults. The only problem is a 120GB download, back from scratch.

This will resolve a max amount of Modern Warfare Dev and other associated errors. But if you are able to enter the video settings, work on the graphic settings by turning off options that are not required and tweaking the game resolution. Before this if you can upgrade your Graphic Drivers then it can work.

The error is still active and ton of users are facing the problem, many had reported re-installing is enough to fix it, but updating your graphic drivers, tweaking resolutions will also help. If still the game is crashing try to turn off background apps.


Most recent update 1.04 Patch Notes revealed the developer is aware about Dev Error 6065 & Dev Error 6165 Error. For Dev Error 6065 official fix is under progress while for Deve Error 6165 the developer had asked players to scan and repair game through Battle.net Application. If this does not work a full re-install is required.

Hope this is going to help you, we will try to keep you updated on this.