MW3 Custom Loadouts Not Working – How To Fix

Tired of your custom loadouts getting switched at random in Modern Warfare 3? Try these fixes to equip the desired weapon in MW3 multiplayer.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is one of the most popular FPS games today. With the number of players increasing daily, it is common to face some technical issues and encounter bugs. For the past few months, the problem that has been bothering players is the MW3 custom loadouts not working issue. Despite selecting the custom one, it gives you random weapons, and even custom weapons from such packs don’t work.

While we wait for a patch from Activision, it would be frustrating to not have the weapon lineup you would want. Fortunately, there are a few troubleshooting tips that players have found to be useful. While you wait for an official fix, these simple solutions should help you resolve the issue quickly.

MW3 Custom Loadouts Not Working Troubleshooting Tips

Fix Custom Loadouts Not Working in MW3
Image Credit: Steam

Here are all the troubleshooting tips that should resolve the MW3 custom loadouts not working issue.

Use Zombie Mode

There are two ways in which players can resolve the issue through Zombie Mode. The first one is as simple as joining the Zombie lobby and then leaving. The second way is to turn off the “Equip Free Loadout” while in the Zombie lobby.

Remove a Perk and an Item

Ghost Gloves and the Hijacked IFF Strobe (Cold Blooded) perk are two things removing which fixes the bug for many. The Cold Blooded perk might be very useful for you, but until the official fix is rolled, you have to try removing it. It is believed by many players that the perk itself is bugged, which is leading to issues.

Delete and Recreate Custom Loadouts

Delete the custom loadout and use the Create-A-Class menu to make it from scratch. It will be a hassle for you, but starting afresh has worked for some. Just make sure that you don’t have a Cold Blooded perk while using the newly created one.

Activision Support

The problem has been taken into account by Activision, as you can see on this known issue page. According to this, it is under investigation. Meanwhile, they suggest one of our Zombie mode fixes. They will probably resolve it within a few weeks or months, and then it will be removed from the page. Till then, you can keep track of it, as they might add more solutions.

This wraps up how to fix custom loadouts not working in MW3 guide. For more Modern Warfare III topics, check out the dedicated section here on Gamer Tweak.