Valorant Could Not Enter Matchmaking Error Fix

Take a look at the solutions to fix the "Could Not Enter Matchmaking" error in Valorant.

Looking for solutions to fix the ‘could not enter matchmaking error’ in Valorant? Then you’ve come to the right place. Just like you, many players are struggling with the same issue and are unable to accompany their teammates. This error message usually appears when you are in a queue for a while but don’t get access to any matches. So let’s not keep your fellow teammates waiting and check out the solution to resolve this issue.

How to Fix Could Not Enter Matchmaking Error in Valorant

How To Fix Valorant Could Not Enter Matchmaking Error

Here are all the Possible solutions to fix the Could not enter matchmaking error in Valorant. Before you move ahead, check out if the game is undergoing any maintenance or if there’s server downtime. If there’s no server status issue, then let’s dive right into the fixes.

Check Internet Connection

Before getting all techy, checking your internet connection might solve the issue. That’s because these errors are generally caused due to faulty internet connection. So make sure your PC is getting enough speed with stable connectivity. In such cases, we recommend you use a wired internet connection.

Restart PC

Simply restarting the PC has worked for many players out there. So go ahead and give your system a quick reboot and that’ll do the trick. Doing so will remove all the temporary bugs and cache causing the error.

End Vanguard Processes

Players can also try ending Vanguard processes to fix the Could not enter matchmaking error in Valorant. Doing so will also remove the bugs and cache causing the error and you’ll get going in time.

  • To do so, right-click on your Taskbar.
  • Next, select the Task Manager option.
  • After that, under the Processes tab search for Riot Vanguard.
  • Once you find it, right-click on the exe and click on End Task.
  • Then, go ahead and launch the game to start your grind.

Disable Antivirus & VPN

Disabling Antivirus, VPN, and other applications running in the background can remove the error. That’s because there are times when such applications tend to interrupt the game which results in similar kinds of errors. So while you are playing the game, simply turn them off and you’ll be good to go.

General Fixes

Here are all the general fixes that you might’ve missed trying. So go ahead and give them a look.

  • Logging out and logging in to your account can do the trick.
  • Run the game as administrator. To do so, right-click on the game’s exe file and select the option to Run as Admin.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the game to wipe off the bugs entirely.
  • Ensure that you have updated Valorant and it is running on its latest update patch.

If your issue is still not resolved, then we suggest you contact the Riot Games support team for further assistance. That sums up all about how to fix the Could not enter matchmaking error in Valorant. If the issue has been fixed, then check out the best Settings that you should try. Also, take a look at the Redeem codes for free rewards.