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Steam Deck Compatibility Tool Failed Fix (2023)

Looking to fix the Compatibility tool failed error on Steam Deck? Our guide has the troubleshooting that you might need.

Although Steam Deck is known to be fluent, two of the latest issues, ‘compatibility tool failed’ & ‘compatibility tool configuration failed’ are quite confusing. The errors are related to an application called Proton and most players who are facing this error haven’t updated the application or have uninstalled it. There are a few troubleshooting tips that players might find useful in this guide in order to solve these issues quickly. While we have provided solutions for both, identifying which issue is related to your troubles is important.

Compatibility Tool Failed Troubleshooting Tips


Once you open your Steam Deck, look for the Proton 8.0 and Proton 7.0 applications. Upon finding them, you can use the gear icon and open Properties. While in the Properties tab, look for installed files and then select the Verify Integrity option to make sure these two applications are updated. Once you do that, you should be able to fix the Compatibility tool failed error on Steam Deck. If you cannot find either of these two (or both) applications, you should try installing them since the Compatibility tool failed error is related to.

How to Fix Steam Deck Compatibility Tool Configuration Failed

Although the Compatibility tool configuration failed on Steam Deck is similar to the earlier error, the problem may not be Proton for some. While the Proton application is somewhat common, there are a few other factors with this error.

Since the Linux system of Steam Deck is run by Steam Runtime or Steam Runtime Soldier, your solution lies here. In order to fix this error, players need to make sure that these two are functioning properly on your Steam Deck. Do note that the applications are sometimes greyed out and players can’t install them often. In such cases, it’s best that you contact Steam Deck Support to get more professional help with the issue.

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