How To Fix Cargo Train Not Exporting In Cities Skylines 2

Wondering why is Cargo Train not exporting in Cities Skylines 2. Read along to try possible fixes.

Import and export are the backbone of global industries, and rails are the major contributors to it. There are many ways to move goods in cities, but with their large population, many are congested. While rails don’t take much space, they provide a Cargo Train route in Cities Skylines 2. These rails take the goods and pick them up from ports while distributing them accordingly. Hence, the issue of Cargo trains not exporting can impact your city’s economy significantly.

Many players dealing with the issue have seen that they are receiving imports, but can’t export. Making it even more of a problem. For some, the surplus goods are piling up, but can’t send them. While it seems like a bug, it can also be due to connectivity, tracks, or other issues from your end. We have compiled some solutions that can help you fix the Cargo Train not exporting in CS2. So read along and try them out to resolve this issue.

Cities Skylines 2 Cargo Train Not Exporting Fix

Cities Skylines 2 Cargo Train Not Exporting Fix
Image Credit: Steam
  • Train Depot: Make sure that the Train Depot is correctly connected. You can zoom and check to see if it is or not. And if it isn’t, you can destroy and rebuild to connect it.
  • Two-way tracks: It is a cargo, so building two-way directional tracks will help you fix the issue.
  • Outside connection: Check if the rails are connected properly to the outside. You can build a new one or destroy the old one and rebuild it if it is already connected.
  • Surplus goods and demand: Go to the industries connected to the Train Depot. And make sure that they are producing surplus goods. Also, see if the produced goods are actually in demand. Supplying commodities that are already surplus in other places will result in an export deficit. Turn them into industries with demand and check after some time to see if the solution worked.
  • Restart the Game: You can also close the game and restart it to see if it was due to network connectivity or other similar issues.

But if none of these worked for you, you can contact the Cities Skylines 2 Support Team and report this bug.

That’s all about how to fix Cargo Train not exporting in Cities Skylines 2. Experiencing bugs in such a detailed game is not a surprise, as they are addressed quickly and also resolved. But still, in case you face a similar issue, skim through our Cities Skylines 2 Guides and look for ways to fix them.