Virtual Families 3: How To Fix Burst Pipe

Check out this guide to know how to repair burst pipes inside the house in Virtual Families 3.

House malfunctions in Virtual Families 3 can create quite significant problems in the lives of your beloved family members. And while some of them can be handled by the family members themselves, major malfunctions like Burst Pipe require you to call in professional help. Players will need to treat the pipes as soon as they can because if left untreated your family members can slip inside the washroom creating chaos.

While on the surface it might look like a huge problem to deal with especially if you are not aware of all the mechanics of life simulation. However, it is quite far from it, and dealing with such malfunctions effectively can help you make the best version of the virtual house. So if you are looking to fix the Burst Pipe inside the house, then here is everything you need to know about it.

How to Repair Burst Pipe in Virtual Families 3

How To Repair Burst Pipes In Virtual Families 3

In order to fix Burst Pipe in Virtual Families 3, players will need to call the plumber. As mentioned before, your family won’t be able to deal with such major malfunctions by themselves. Players will need professional help and it’s just one phone call away in the game. You can call the plumber right away using the phone around your house.

Simply, drag a character whose age is above 14 towards the telephone in the house. Once done, interact with the phone and you will see a plethora of options from Plumber to Computer Repair and Exterminator.

However, in order to call the plumber, players will first need to have a good amount of coins at their disposal. We would recommend that you grind your way through the game first to get hold of some coins. This is to make sure you don’t spend all the fortune on one call.

Once you have a decent amount, the plumbing services can be called for around 225 coins in Virtual Families 3. After you purchase the service, the plumber will visit your house and repair the burst pipe in the game.

It is worth mentioning that it will take some time for the plumber to resolve the issue. Not to mention, it will also take some time for the family members to realize that the pipes have been fixed. Players can always drag them inside and show them immediately to save up some time in the game,

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