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How To Fix Atomic Heart Crashing

Here's a guide on how to stop Atomic Heart from crashing.

Atomic Heart has taken the gaming world by storm. The game is set in an alternate world where the soviets have mastered AI and Robotics to create a utopia. A thrilling ride from start to finish, the game is a delight to play. But many players on PC have run into graphical issues, stuttering, and dips in FPS that may sour the experience. Here is a quick guide to fixing Atomic Heart crashing on your PC.

How to fix Atomic Heart crashing

atomic heart how to fix crashing

Here are a few tricks you can try to stop the game from crashing.

Update your graphics driver

This is the most common reason behind crashes and performance issues on new games. While your GPU might be the latest on the market, the drivers have constant updates that you might have missed. Check out the official website(Nvidia/AMD) to verify your current driver version and download the latest one if required.

Confirm the integrity of Game Files

It is possible that you might have lost a few vital game folders while you were downloading and installing the game. Just follow the steps to verify your local files.

  • Make your way to Atomic Heart in your Steam Libary.
  • Right-click on Launch Game to bring up Properties.
  • Select the Local Files and click on Verify Integrity of game files.

Add game folder as exclude

Game files can also be blocked due to Windows Defender mistaking some of them as viruses. Here are the steps to fix that error.

  • Pull up Virus and Threat Protection on the search bar.
  • Click on the Manage settings option below Virus and Threat Protection.
  • Scroll down to Exclusions and click on Add or Remove.
  • Choose the folder option and select the Atomic Heart folder.

You can use these methods to stop Atomic Heart from crashing. Once the game’s up and running check out our guide on How to use shock in Atomic Heart for some in-game tips and tricks here on Gamer Tweak.