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Five Weapons You Must Have In Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune’s Favor

The finest guns

Which are the best weapons in Apex Legends Season 5? There are many but there is our list of top five weapons that you must have in Season 5 Fortune’s Favor. If you are among those players who are unable to figure the best guns in Apex Legends Season 5 then this guide will help. We also have a comprehensive list of top weapons in every category, but if you want to focus on only one single weapon that can do everything then here is the list


Top 5 Must Have Weapons in Apex Legends Season 5

Two weapons that are capable to overpower others are Wingman + Skull piercer and Mastiff. These two weapons are good in damage, recoil, and movement speed. So whenever you get a chance to grab these two and practice as much as possible. Wingman is amazing for long-range attacks, with Skull piercer you can extend this weapons capability by getting fast reload and bullet travel time. This makes Wingman one of the deadliest long-range weapons.

  1. Prowler – Large Magazine Size, more stable, a very common weapon in Season 5.
  2. R-99 – This weapon features fast reload time and it is one of the best to use while moving. It offers you good aim support shooting while running.
  3. Havoc – Low recoil, you get more head-shots and one of the fastest weapon with high accuracy.
  4. L-Star – A decent all-rounder weapon, practice, and every shot is a head-shot, large bullet size brings more damage. A deadly close-range weapon.
  5. Sentinel – Want to be a pro sniper then grab Sentinel. It brings more head-shot damage, offers faster fire rate, and can give you 100 damage body shots in close range.

So these are the top five weapons in Apex Legends Season 5. It is necessary to practice along with and understand their stats as well as attachments. There are many more weapons, but remember these fives as well the Wingman in your list. Whenever you spot one grab it and proceed. And to spend time practicing on using these weapons. Your accuracy will never improve if you do not know how to handle them well.