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A Guide To The Best Weapons In Apex Legends Season 5

This guide is all you will need to to ace the Season 5 of apex legends

The Season 5 of Apex Legends was out on 12th May and boasts a massive roster of improved weaponry. There have been various additions to the arms inventory of the game, there have been modifications as well as degradation of weapons as well. And yet there are still the old-timers that have maintained their positions in the tier purely because of their amazing handling and fire-power.


With players struggling to assess their weapons, Season 5 can be seriously baffling for some. And just for your help, we have churned down a guide of best weapons in Apex Legends Season 5 – ranging from pistols, shotguns, rifles, light-machine guns and semi-automatics.

Best Weapons in Apex Legends Season 5


Deemed as the best pistol in Apex legends, this skull shot devil never misses its mark. Attach a 1x HCOG Classic or a 2x HCOG Bruiser and this beast will kill almost everything in your line of sight.


Although the Mastiff has been removed from the care packages weapons and can be spawned normally in the game, this shotgun can literally blow your rival’s mind-off. A close-range weapon, the Mastiff is the best finisher. Luckily it’s ammo is abundant hence you can go crazy with this shotgun king.


Assault Rifles

If you manage to salvage a good amount of extended Heavy Magazines, this rifle will be a killer addition to your weapon set. With a substantially controllable recoil and high accuracy, the flatline can be your best mate in battles.

The R-301 is the most heavily used assault rifle in Apex Legends. It is a medium-range, high-burst rifle that invokes around 250 damage in a single shot. And all this without having to add magazines.
Using a barrel stabilizer, you can overcome its right vertical recoil. Use a mid-range scope and you can be assured to hit every target accurately. Piercing through armors and shields is a child’s play for this rifle.


With luck in your favor, get your hands on this instant killer. You can find it in care packages or retrieve them from their previous owners. The Kraber holds the potential to obliterate a Legend with a single headshot. The Kraber can seriously damage other areas in the game as well, hence practice caution while using it. Undoubtedly, this sniper is a true keeper of the S-Tier rank in Apex Legends.

Despite having a decently bad recoil, the Havoc is a mid-range crusher that will most readily take down anything, anyone. It proves to be a better starting weapon to dissipate your enemies while they are still looting crates. The Havoc was slightly downsized in the Season 5, but still counts in the optimum choice of assault rifles in Apex legends.


Light Machine Gun

M-600 Spitfire
Using ammo of 35 rounds, this machine gun invokes 20 damage points in normal shooting and 40 with a headshot. Although it is tough to handle the Spitfire’s recoil, once you get the hang of it, you cannot work with any other mid-range weapons.
It uses a bigger mag size, hence does more damage than usual LMG’s. Using a barrel seriously diminishes its mad recoils and equipping with a scope gives you the ability of long-range firing as well.

The best light-machine-gun till date, the L-Star can invoke some serious damage at mid-ranges and butcher anyone at a close one. Initially available in crates, the L-Star can be now found in non-supply drop-offs.
You might get stuck with its reload when it has undergone some serious firing. Hence try to maintain overheating issues in L-Star and that’s all you will ever need to care about with this machine gun.

Semi-Automatic Machine Gun

Deemed as one of the best battling guns in Apex Legends, the Prowler is a killing machine. When equipped with Select Fire, your enemy never stands a chance. Flaunting one of the best Burst Fires, getting used to it will take a lot of practice.
Going full auto mode speeds the gun into an overdrive. You can take down even Legends with great ease. Overall, the gun is easy to control and can totally turn the tables in the game, once equipped by you or your enemy.

The R-99 is quite a popular Semi-automatic in Apex Legends, mainly due to it being found extensively in the game. It boasts massive upgrades with add-ons like barrel stabilizers and extended magazines.
In close-range, you can easily shatter your enemies defenses, while still having enough rounds left to drill through their bones. It is quite surprising that such a strong weapon is fairly common in the game. Legends swear by this old-timer and so should you.