All Destiny 2 Fishing Spots – Pond Locations

Suraj Nai
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In Destiny 2, now you’ll be required to find the Fishing Pond spots to fish and farm some rewards. Yes, you heard it right, in the new Season of the Deep, the devs have introduced a fishing minigame. You’ll first come across this minigame during the Gone Fishing quest. This quest is available after you do some story missions in the game. But before you can start fishing you’ll have to learn the ability from Suraya. And also farm Baits by completing some activities. If you already have the items required to go fishing, then let’s take a look at some pond locations.

Where are the Fishing Spots Located in Destiny 2

According to players, in Destiny 2 the fishing spots spawn in random locations. But they only appear in one of the 3 dimensions which are EDZ, Nessus, & Savathun’s Throne World. As you can’t search the entire dimensions, we have listed some possible hotspots where the ponds usually appear.

EDZ Fishing Pond Spots destiny 2 locations
Source Image: WoW Quests
  • EDZ Fishing Pond Spots
    • In EDZ the fishing ponds usually spawn on the Outskirts coast. This coast is located in the southern part of the map. And the easiest way to reach there is by teleporting to the Trostland fast travel point.

      Nessus Fishing Ponds Spots
      Source Image: WoW Quests
  • Nessus Fishing Ponds Spots
    • On Nessus dimension, you can find the fishing ponds in The Cistern, the coast touching the Well of Flame. You can get here via The Cistern fast travel point.

      Savathun’s Throne World Pond Spots
      Source Image: WoW Quests
  • Savathun’s Throne World Pond Spots
    • In Savathun’s Throne World, you can get to find the fishing spot you’ll have to go to the northern coast of Miasma. To get there you can first use the Quagmire fast travel point and then make your way towards the coast.
  • Tip For You
    • Players can spot the pond from far by searching for a white beam coming out from the sky. Once you spot it walk near it and you’ll find the fishing spot you’re looking for. It is advised to go fishing at night as the beam will be visible better in the dark.

That covers all about where are all the Destiny 2 Fishing pond spots. If you’re dicey about which weapon you should use, then check out the best Exotic Weapons tier list. Also, take a look at the ways to get high-stat armor in Destiny 2.