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How To Get Fish Oil In New World

Here is a guide on getting Fish Oil in New World.

New World is an MMO game based in the fantasy world of Aeternum. In New World, Food plays an important role by giving health boosts, resistances, and other such bonuses. To cook such food you will require Cooking Oil. Cooking Oil will help you in making higher tier foods and to make it you will require Fish Oil. Today I will explain how you can get Fish Oil in New World.

How to get Fish Oil in New World


fishing new world

As the name suggests, Fish Oil is a resource obtained from Fish. You will need to first get a Fish, this can be achieved by Fishing in certain spots. Once you have obtained a Fish, you will have to Salvage it. Upon salvaging the Fish, you will get Fish Fillets and Fish Oil. Although Fish Oil is not a guaranteed drop and you will need to salvage a lot of Fish to get a decent quantity of Fish Oil. To get Fish Oil, you will need Fish so here are some things you will need to do.

To have a better chance at Fishing, I would suggest fishing in Fishing Hotspots. You can Fish in any water but Fishing Hotspots increases the bite rate which will increase your Fish yield in the same amount of time. The Best Fishing Spots will be in the lands of Windsward for the early game. Fishing requires you to use Bait. Some simple and easy Bait you can use is the Firefly Bait found in Bulrush Plants. Windsward is the prime location to find them. Firefly Bait provides a large boost to the chance of catching better fish in freshwater. The better is the Fish the better the Fish Fillet and the chances of dropping better loot from Fish. This doesn’t affect the drop rate of Fish oil. Don’t worry as for every third Fish or so you will get Fish Oil.


This was all about Fish Oil in New World. Hopefully, this guide was helpful for you in getting the Fish Oil. You can also check our guides on getting Salt and Bags in New World.