First Descendant Mastery Rank Guide: How To Level Up Fast?

Mastery Ranking System will grant you with new modules and slots in the game. Here is how to Rank up in Mastery fast.

The First Descendant contains a Ranking Progression system that allows players to make their character more powerful. As you progress into different missions you will need a lot of new modules to deal with enemies. And they are locked behind the Mastery Rank progressions system. This First Descendant Mastery Rank guide will help you understand how the Mastery Rank system works in The First Descendant and tips to level up fast.

First Descendant Mastery Rank Guide: How To Level Up Fast?

First Descendant Mastery Rank Guide

Leveling Up in Mastery Rank will allow you to unlock new Weapon Modules, Descendant Modules, Equipment Inventory, and Storage Slots. So it is quite important to grind to level up mastery rank in The First Descendant.

To Level up you will need to earn EXP, to upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2 you will need 1000 Exp. After having enough EXP walk to the main city and interact with the Prime Hands. Here are the benefits of ranking up in The First Descendant.

  • Weapon Module: Weapon Module Capacity Cost +3
  • Descendant Module: Descendant Module Capacity Cost +3
  • Equipment Inventory: Equipment Inventory +1
  • Storage Slot: Increase Storage Inventory +1

The requirement for EXP will increase with each level. You will have to farm 3000 EXP to unlock Level 3 and 5800 EXP to unlock Level 4.

EXP Farming Tips

EXP is rewarded by completing various missions, but there are two specific challenges that can give you a lot of EXP. It is best for farming XP faster in The First Descendant. Look for Resource Defense and Mine-blocking objectives. They are marked in purple icons in the Kingston region. Both objectives will also reward you with Amorphous Material, which is necessary to unlock new weapon modules, descendants, etc.

First Descendant Mastery Rank Tips

One Resource Defense mission is best for EXP farming. You can level up to 20 or 21 within an hour of playing the defense missions. All you have to do is deal with a horde of enemies and complete the mission-related tasks. This will save a ton of your time allowing you to perform better in other missions.

So to rank up fast in Mastery Rank play Resource Defense and Mine Blocking objectives a lot. Based on different gameplay you can grind your way to level up to 40 Levels in the First Descendant.