The First Descendant: How to Use Amorphous Material?

Amorphous Material is a essential item in the game that will be required to unlock and craft new Descendants.

Amorphous Material is a unique crafting item in The First Descendant. It is mostly dropped in the form of item boxes which are marked by numbers. There are more than 10 different types of Amorphous Materials in the game. This article will help you find this unique crafting item and how to use it. The majority of thing linked with farming Amorphous Material is done via playing main missions.

What is Amorphous Material & How to use it?

First Descenant Mine Blocking Mission

Amorphous Materials are used for crafting Ultimate weapons in The First Descendant. They are required to be new Descendants like the Bunny. Yet there are 13 Amorphous Materials discovered in the game. Now here are two ways to farm Amorphous Materials in the game.

  • Resource Defense Missions
  • Mine Blocking Missions

Check the Main Reward list of each mission there might be some Amorphous Materials. But the above two types have the most of them. Mine Blocking Missions are simple, fight with around five different waves of monsters and in the end deal with their commander. After completing all waves you will be rewarded with Amorphous Materials.

First Descenant Amorphous Material

Resource Defense also works in a similar way, eliminating enemies to progress to the next wave. But there will be a time limit here, so you have to be quick. After having enough Amorphous Materials talk to Anais at Kingston headquarters.

First Descenant Anais

Select Research Request and you will see the list of items you can request for research. For example a Weapon or a Descendant. You will have to provide the necessary materials required for crafting. You can then visit back again to check if your Research is completed or not. Once done the item will be added to your inventory.

Keep on playing various missions, because Amorphous Materials are random drops. You can always check the rewards section to know more. Also, Anais will give you access to the Descendant Material Shop. You can also go through the store to find any leftover crafting materials. Pay the cost to complete your Research.

To farm Amorphous Materials it is best to focus on Resource Defense and Mine Blocking missions. They are long but they are rewarding. With this you can also check Void Intercept Battles, all of these are listed on the world map.