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Elden Ring: How To Get & Use Fingerslayer Blade

Wondering where you can find the location of the Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring? Check out this guide to learn not only that but also its use.

You should find the Fingerslayer blade in Elden Ring in order to make progress in Ranni’s questline. Ranni will ask you to find the hidden treasure of Nokron. This is that hidden treasure, making it one of the Key items in the game. And while the name might deceive you it is not a weapon, rather it serves another purpose. So in this guide let us check how to get and use Fingerslayer in Elden Ring.

How to Get Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring


how to use fingerslayer blade in elden ring

You can get Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring in the Nokron Eternal City. The closest site of grace to it is Night’s Sacred Ground.

  1. Fast travel to Night’s Sacred Ground.
  2. Next, go northeast towards the giant building. There are several mimic tears on the way, you can fight or ignore them.
  3. Enter the building and open the first chest in front of you.
  4. You will find the Fingerslayer blade and Great Ghost Glovewort here.


In case you don’t have the Night’s Sacred Ground site unlocked follow the below steps.

  1. Fast Travel to Ancestral Woods site of grace.
  2. Jump on the roof-like balcony in front of you.
  3. Next, jump on the ledge on the opposite building.
  4. Follow the ledge then jump on the Balcony of the next building on your right. You should be at Night’s Sacred Ground.
  5. Keep heading southwest.
  6. You should see two statues on these stairs.
  7. Jump on the dome-like tower in front, then jump on the other side. You can fight or run past the Silver Tear enemy.
  8. Go south from here then keep going straight towards the east.
  9. You should reach a room with many white candles.
  10. Go down the stairs and exit the church.
  11. Outside the church, you will find the Night’s Sacred Ground site of grace.

How to Use the Fingerslayer Blade


You can use the Fingerslayer Blade by giving it to Ranni. This will help you progress in her questline and she will give you the Carian Inverted Statue as a reward for it.

That sums up this guide on how to get and use the Fingerslayer blade in Elden Ring. Since you plan on progressing in this questline check out our guide on how to fix the can’t leave Ranni’s Rise error in case you end up getting this issue.