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How To Find Every Equipment In Kill It With Fire Easily

In this spider hunting game, you can kill spiders using various weapons and equipment like a Molotov, Revolver, Shotgun and more. Find out where you can unlock everything in this guide.

In Kill it with Fire, you can hunt and kill spiders with various weapons and equipment. Get rid of them by using guns, explosives and of course, burn things down in the process. That’s where all the fun lies in this game. This might lead you to wonder – how to unlock all equipment in Kill It With Fire? Get the answer right here in this guide.

Unlock All Equipment in Kill it with Fire: Ignition

Here are all the weapons, items and equipment that you can collect in this game. Read till the end to know their locations in various levels. This will help you save a lot of time and you can instead focus on your main goal of exterminating spiders.

  • Hairspray: You will get the Hairspray, which can also act like a flamethrower, on the very first level.
  • Revolver: Similar to Hairspray, this one is also found on the first level.
  • Cheese Puffs: This item will be unlocked on the second level. Head into the bedroom where there’s a green screen. These cheese puffs will act like spider bait. When you throw them on the floor, spiders will come out of hiding.
  • Shotgun: Get this on the second level. What you need to do is take a key from the very first drawer in the bedroom. It will near the bed. With it, go to the master bedroom and open the Closet.
  • C4: For this, you have to open the safe in the secret hidden room on the second level. Visit the linked guide to know exactly how to do that.
  • Frying Pan: You need to unlock the oven first and then get the frying pan on level 3.
  • Molotov: This can be found in the garage on level 3. Check the cupboard to get your hands on it.
  • Energy Drink: In level 4, you need to kill 3 spiders to then open the fridge in the room.
  • Silenced Pistol: Again, in level 4, you have to open the red container first. You will see the silenced pistol on the floor.
  • Gasoline: To get Gasoline, you need to go to the fuel pump on level 4 and get it near a car.

So, go on and use these equipment in Kill it with Fire and create utter destruction. The spiders will run for their lives but they won’t be able to escape!