How To Find The Hidden Room In Kill It With Fire Ignition

Want to know where is the secret room in Kill it with Fire? Discover it easily with these steps.

Kill It With Fire is all about hunting and exterminating spiders and while you are at it, causing lots of damage. Use your weapons to track spiders and do whatever it takes to kill them – burn everything if you want! There are a lot of hidden upgrades, secrets and other surprises in the game, but most importantly, players are looking for a hidden room in Kill it with Fire. Where to find this secret room in Close Encounters? Look no further. Simply follow the process mentioned in this guide and collect all the rewards after discovering the room.

Where to Find the Hidden Room in Kill it with Fire

On the second level, you will see that there is an objective which asks you to discover a hidden room. It’s under the Suburban Secret objective and if you are stuck right here, we’ll explain how to find it.

First you have to kill 12 to 15 spiders in the second level called Close Encounters. This will give you access to a certain room which holds the secret entrance. It’s the room near the exit, so go ahead and enter it. You will see a bookshelf there, touching a wall. There will be many books on the bookshelf but you need only one to open up the entrance. The one you are looking for is a blue book which has a yellow spine. There might be more books that look like this but you need to interact with the one on the second shelf. To do it, press E.

As expected, the bookshelf will move and reveal a secret. It’s another small room which has some items like batteries, a safe which has a weapon and a boombox. Doing this will check off your objective called “Discover a Hidden Room” in Kill it with Fire. Easy peasy.

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