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How To Find & Use Rowland’s Map In Hogwarts Legacy

This guide will help you navigate the Rowland Oakes Map in Hogwarts Legacy.

You will have to find and follow the trail given in Rowland Oakes’ Map in Hogwarts Legacy to complete his side quest. But deciphering what it means can confuse some players. While the path is quite straightforward, not knowing where to start is what troubles many of them. So here is how you can use the map to complete the Tale of Rowland Oakes in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Find Rowland Oakes Map in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy how to complete the tale of rowland oakes side quest

You can find Rowland Oakes’ Map at his campsite after talking to Adelaide in Hogwarts Legacy. This is a side quest where she will ask you to find out the whereabouts of her Uncle and if he has gotten himself in trouble with the Goblins.

  1. Go to the North Hogwarts Region and find Rowland Oakes’ campsite.
  2. After reaching there, eliminate the Goblins.
  3. Collect his journal and Map.

Upon checking the map you will see a spiral leading a road beside the river and the final location. While it might not spell out the answer at first, here is how you can use this map.

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How to Use Rowland Oakes Map

  1. The Spiral indicates the location where you find this map. That is Rowland’s Campsite.
  2. Exit the campsite and go south to find the river.
  3. Now follow the river trail west until you reach the Crumbling Tower.
  4. Cross the river south and you will reach the Kurrow Ruins Floo flame.
  5. Finally, go west from here to reach the Goblin Outpost.

Once you enter the Outpost, you will have to explore the Dungeon to find Rowland and help him by returning him his wand. By doing this, you will complete “The Tale of Rowland Oakes” side quest and will receive Handcrafted necklace as a reward.

That covers this guide on how to find & use Rowland Oakes Map in Hogwarts Legacy. For more help on similar side quests, you should check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.