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Where To Find Rock Octoroks In Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK)

Want to repair Link's weapons? Here's how to find Rock Octoroks in Zelda TOTK.

Rock Octoroks from Breath of the Wild is back in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK), and players are looking for locations to find them. In this installment, these rocky creatures not only serve the role of an enemy but also a way to repair Link’s weapons. But one Octorok will repair a single weapon so you may have to find a bunch of them. However, they only spawn in certain parts of the Hyrule Kingdom. So in this guide, we will tell you where to find them.

Rock Octorok Locations in Zelda TOTK

Rock Octorok Locations in Zelda TOTK
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To find Rock Octoroks in Zelda TOTK, you must travel to Goron City and look for them around Eldin Canyon and Death Mountain. You can use the Marakuguc Shrine or the Sitsum Shrine to reach these locations. Once you’re there, you can try the following location coordinates to find Rock Octoroks in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom:

  • (1854, 2693, 0397): Near dried bones and rocks.
  • (1583, 3175, 0400): Near Isle of Rabac.
  • (1444, 2352, 0316): West of Goron City.
  • (1460, 2193, 0297): Next to Goron Hot Springs.
  • (1635, 1490, 0279): In Eldin Canyon next to Goronbi Lake.
  • (1831, 1487, 0275): To the east of Goronbi Lake.

Apart from these coordinates, you can also explore the peaks of the Eldin Mountains and Death Mountain for these enemies. These are well hidden in the disguise of a rock so it can be difficult to locate them. However, they will launch an attack as soon as you’re close to them.

How to Use Rock Octoroks in Tears of the Kingdom

Now the trick to repairing your weapons is getting close to these Octoroks and understanding their attack pattern. If you’re a veteran Zelda player, then you must know how they attack. For those who’re new, the Octoroks charge their attacks by sucking in the air. Then, they launch a boulder at Link to inflict damage.

To repair your weapons with Rock Octoroks in Zelda TOTK, wait for the boulder and close in on it. Then, drop the weapon you want to repair and get away. The Octorok will suck your weapon and launch it with restored durability and a random effect.

That’s all from us on where to find Rock Octoroks in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). For more helpful guides like Sundelions farming locations and how to beat Bokoblins, check out our TOTK guides.