Tower Of Fantasy: Where To Find Poultry Meat (Map Locations)

Here is where you can find Poultry Meat in ToF.

Many players are unable to get their hands on Poultry Meat in Tower of Fantasy. It is an important ingredient in this game that when used for cooking allows you to make several dishes with health restorative properties. But going around randomly looking for it can take up your time. So in this guide check out the locations where you can find Poultry Meat in Tower of Fantasy (ToF) and how to use it.

Where to Find Poultry Meat in Tower of Fantasy?

how to get and use poultry meat in tower of fantasy tof
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You can find Poultry Meat in the Astra and Banges regions of the map. Check out the above image for their exact locations.

  • Astra
    • Ring of Echos: You can find two of these spots near this area. The first one just northwest of it, and the second one northwest across the river.
    • Football Field: There are two more spots closer to this area. The first spot for Poultry meat is on the southeast island of the Football Field. And the other one is north of it across the river.
  • Banges
    • Banges Farms: Go southwest from Banges Farms.
    • Anchorville: Go northwest from Anchorville.
    • Loen Dock: Go southeast from the Loen Dock.

To get Poultry Meat you basically need to hunt birds in this game. They are quite alert creatures so you cannot just walk up to them and start attacking as they will fly away. So you either need a weapon with a good range that lets you hunt from far or you need to sneak up on them and land a surprise attack.

After you kill them they will drop Poultry Meat which you can then use for cooking. Here are all of its uses.

How to Use Poultry Meat in ToF

You can use Poultry Meat for Two things.

  • Cooking: Cooking allows you to make the most out of Poultry meat. This is because based on your recipe you can cook up various dishes that let you restore your health and satiety.
  • Consuming Raw: In case you don’t want to cook it, then you can eat it raw. It won’t help much as raw consumption only allows you to restore 1 satiety.

That covers this list of locations where you can find Poultry Meat in Tower of Fantasy (ToF) and how to use it. Since you are looking for food ingredients you should also check our guide on where to find Fatty Cuts in this game. And for other queries on this game check out our Tower of Fantasy guides.