Can You Get Pecharunt In Pokemon SV Indigo Disk DLC?

Want to add this Poison/Ghost Pokemon to your party in Scarlet Violet Indigo Disk? Here is what you should know about it.

The Indigo Disk DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been available shortly and trainers everywhere have already started discovering several things. One of these things is the Pokemon Pecharunt. It is a dual Poison/Ghost Pokemon. This is big because this Type-combo has returned after the Gastly evolution line from Gen I!

While you must have heard all about it, one of the mysteries remain on where you can find and catch it. Well, the answer to it is a bit disappointing.

Where to Find Pecharunt in Indigo Disk?

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Indigo Disk How To Get Pecharunt
Image Credits: Serebii and Nintendo UK

At the time of writing this guide, you cannot find Pecharunt anywhere in Scarlet or Violet. All of its data available right now is from leaks, so no matter which area you explore, you shouldn’t expect it to spawn anytime soon. This is because it hasn’t been officially released yet.

However, what you can expect is that the developers at GameFreak could add it soon. This Pokemon could appear in the game via some content update or through some special raid event. When that will happen though, only time will tell. Although, once it is available you should be able to transfer it to Pokemon HOME.

Pecharunt Pokedex Entries, Ability, & Moves

Here are the known dex entries for Pecharunt. Thanks to Serebii for sharing this:

  • Scarlet Entry: It feeds others toxic mochi that draw out desires and capabilities. Those who eat the mochi fall under Pecharunt’s control, chained to its will.
  • Violet Entry: Its peach-shaped shell serves as storage for a potent poison. It makes poisonous mochi and serves them to people and Pokémon.

Pecharunt will also get the Poison Puppeteer ability. This basically confuses the Pokemon poisoned by Pecharunt. Some of the powerful moves that it can learn include:

  • Via Level Up
    • Shadow Ball – Level 40
    • Malignant Chain – Level 48
  • Via TMs
    • Gunk Shot – TM 102
    • Sludge Bomb – TM 148
    • Poltergeist – TM 198
    • Sludge Wave – TM 214

That’s all that you should know about Pecharunt and where to find it in Indigo Disk. Don’t forget to check our Scarlet and Violet section for more on this game.