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How To Find Naydra In Tears Of The Kingdom (Frost Dragon Location)

Dragons in Tears of the Kingdom can be used to farm some rare dragon parts. So take a look at the Naydra aka Frost Dragon location in Zelda TotK.

It’s not just you, many players out there are trying to find the Naydra (Frost) Dragon location in Tears of the Kingdom. Just like the other 3 dragons in the Hyrule Kingdom, this ice-element dragon can let you farm various parts. Those parts can not only be used to make a powerful elixir but also a strong fused weapon. However, the most tricky part of this process is finding the dragon in the first place. Each dragon only circles over a particular area and the game doesn’t exactly describe which are they. And for that, below we have mentioned all the possible areas where Naydra Dragon spawns in TotK.

Naydra, Frost Dragon Spawn Location in Tears of the Kingdom

Frost Dragon Location ice totk spawn
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In Tears of the Kingdom, the Naydra aka Frost Dragon usually spawns around East Necluda and Mount Lanayru region. This region is located on the southeast side of the Surface world. So simply keep an eye on the sky in these regions and you’ll be good to go. Players can start their search by launching themselves into the sky via the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, coordinates 3847 -1306 0539. Or the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower, which is located at the coordinates 2419 -2767 0220.

farm Naydra dragon parts In zelda totk
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Also, do note this Ice dragon also circles the depths of the Hyrule Kingdom. So don’t forget to search for it in the chasm that lies between the above-mentioned region, i.e. Naydra Snowfield Chasm. Once you find it, you can always try to hop on it and then start farming the items you want. The dragon will not mind it and nor try to hurt you, but ensure you save yourself from the ice elemental damage. For that, you can always wear the Cold Resistant armor and eat Cold Resistant Food. If you’re not sure about what Dragon Parts you can farm, then check do check out our guide.

That sums all up about where you can find the Naydra, Frost Dragon in Tears of the Kingdom. If you are looking for the other creatures then check out the Locations of other Dragons in Zelda TotK. Also, take a look at the Duplication Glitch to Dupe Items in the game.