Lords Of The Fallen Sunless Skein Key Location Guide

The door to Lower Calrath is closed and players will have to find the Lords Of The Fallen Sunless Skein Key in order to open them. While it’s not entirely missing, it’s easier for players to miss it due to the location. Although it won’t come easy, we will show you the easiest way to reach the point where you can find the key in the Sunless Skein mine.

It’s one of those cages in the area which seem empty but you need to switch realms and head to the Umbral realm to be able to spot it. Although there are many fake items in the game, this one will be real so you don’t need to worry about a mimic. Having said that, you should know how to upgrade weapons, increase ammo capacity, and upgrade Sanguinarix since things will get difficult going forward.

Where to Find Lords of the Fallen Sunless Skein Key

Lords Of The Fallen Sunless Skein Key Location Guide

While in the Sunless Skein mine, unlock the Second Iron Gate while facing the lever and you can notice that there’s a loot located on top of one of the cages. Players need to switch realms and they will be able to crossover to the top of the cages and get the Lords Of The Fallen Sunless Skein Key at this location. Although not that difficult to get, players easily cross through the gate missing the key in the process.

The Vestige of Catrin is quite close to where you need to be and from this location, follow the rail tracks to head into a narrow tunnel. There are a few enemies at this location but you need to keep beating them as you move forward. Eventually, you will come across a crossing with a ladder on the right for you to climb. There are a few boxes close to the stairs that will block your way. Break them and then you can use your lamp to proceed.

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