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How To Find Hazel In Hogwarts Legacy?

Looking to find and catch Hazel, the Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy? Check out this guide that features to catch her.

Unable to find Hazel, the Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy? There are plenty of challenging side quests such as the Unique Unicorn in this game. Wherein, you are given the task to Rescue a wounded Unicorn known as Hazel. Although, finding and catching her is not a piece of cake. If you are stuck on this part as well, then this guide is all you need. Here is everything you should know.

How to Find and Catch Hazel in Hogwarts Legacy

Having the right spells and equipment is a must before entering a quest. Likewise, it is better to have equipped the suitable spell before attempting to find Hazel in the Unique Unicorn side quest. Speaking of it, make sure you have selected the Disillusionment, Glacius, and Accio spells. For the final slot, place a Nab-Sack in it.

For those who don’t know, a Nab-Sack is an equipment that teleports a Beast directly inside the Vivarium. It is unlocked after completing the ‘The Elf, The Nab-Sack, And the Loom’ quest.

How to Find and Catch Hazel in Hogwarts Legacy
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Once you are done equipping the above items, head over to Unicorn Den to find Hazel. She can be found on the southeastern side of the Forbidden Forest in Hogwarts Legacy. You can locate Hazel from the sky while flying on your Broom. Or you can use Revelio to highlight the Unicorn if she is anywhere near. In the meanwhile, make sure to use the Disillusionment Charm to go invisible and close in near Hazel. Also, keep in mind that she can spot you if you get too close to her.

How to Find and Catch Hazel in Hogwarts Legacy

For the next step, use Accio and then Glacius to freeze or immobilize Hazel. Further, use the Nab-Sack to Rescue Hazel and send her to Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy. After that, return back to Betty Bugbrooke (the lady who gave you this quest) in Hogsmeade. Interact with her to finally end the Unique Unicorn Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • PS – You can select ” We’re fine and yes – for a fee” to earn some Gold.

That is pretty much it about finding Hazel in the Unique Unicorn Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. While you are here, make sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki for more such content.