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How To Learn & Use Accio Spell In Hogwarts Legacy

Take a look at how you can get & use Accio in Hogwarts Legacy easily.

Hogwarts Legacy features more than 20 spells, which includes the Accio that you’ll get to use in the early stages of the game. This spell will surely come in handy during combats in this wizarding world, only if you use it right. However, it doesn’t come automatically, to obtain it you’ll have to learn it from Professor Ronen and then master it to proceed further. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the requirements to unlock it and its other uses in the game.

How to Unlock & Use Accio in Hogwarts Legacy? (Requirements)

How To Get & Use Accio Spell In Hogwarts Legacy

Before you go ahead and use the Accio spell in Hogwarts Legacy you’ll have to learn it in Professor Ronen’s, Charms Class quest. This main quest comes after you’ve completed the Welcome to Hogwarts quest. For those who are unaware, this spell is one of the Force spells that can be used to summon & bring objects or enemies closer in the game. However, the key to using the Accio spell correctly is simply having good control over it. So take a look at tips to master this Force spell easily.

  • After the spell is unlocked, you’ll see it on the action bar located in the right corner of your screen.
  • Next, cast the spell by pressing the prompt button.
  • Doing so will bring the object closer to you depending on how long you hold the button.
  • Similarly even the speed of the object will keep accelerating, the longer you press the button.

These are the points Potterheads will have to keep in mind while casting the spell. Players can not only use the Hogwarts Legacy Accio Spell to summon objects but also utilize it in combats. Scroll down for more details on the uses of the following Force spell.

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Uses of Accio Spell in Wizarding World

Here we have mentioned all the ways that you can use the Accio Spell in the game.

  • Summon Items & Object
    • Firstly, it will help you summon & bring items close to you. That also includes collecting the items that are out of reach, such as the flying pages in the early stages of the game. Adding the pages to your collection not only helps you progress through the story but also rewards you with EXP points.
  • Using It in Combats
    • Using Accio during combats will help you get an upper hand on the enemies. Doing so stuns the target for a few seconds, which can allow you to perform combo attacks.
  • Move Platforms
    • Players can even use the spell to summon & move floating platforms during quests. So make sure you add this spell to your action bar. That’s because you are going to come across such platforms all around this wizarding world.
  • Break Purple Shields
    • Witch & wizards will also face some enemies that have a default purple shield on. In this case, the Accio spell will come to your rescue. Simply go ahead and use the spell and it’ll break the shield just like that.

These are all the ways that you can use this Force spell in the game. That sums up all about how you can get & use the Accio in Hogwarts Legacy easily. While you are here take a look at how to brew potions. Also, check out the 2023 upcoming games’ release date calendar.