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Where To Find Graphorns In Hogwarts Legacy

Having trouble locating Graphorns in Hogwarts Legacy? We got you covered.

A world of magic feels empty without a few creatures of legend and Hogwards Legacy does not disappoint. The game provides the player with the opportunity to tame, groom, and breed their own flock of magical creatures. With 13 unique beasts that you can encounter in the game, players seem to be missing out on the biggest of them all-Graphorns. Let’s take a look at this quick guide on where you can find Graphons in Hogwarts Legacy.

Graphorns Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Graphorn location hogwarts legacy

The Graphorn is unlocked to the player during the completion of the quest San Bakar’s Trial. This is a main story quest that will be available to you as you progress through the story and are nearing the end. Without spoiling too much you’ll have to make your way to the bottom of the map in Clagmar Coast to the Graphorn Den.

Here you will have to defeat the Lord Of the Shore who turns out to be one very angry Graphorn. After beating the beast in combat you can use him to complete the quest.

Once this quest is complete the creature will be available to use as a rideable mount. You can also now make your way to the Graphorn Den to capture other Graphorn and add them to the Vivarium. Note that you will have to fight the beasts again in order to capture them in your Nab-sack. Graphorns make for a great alternative to Brooms and Hippogriffs as they are quick on land and have a special charge attack that you can use to ram into other monsters and enemies.

And that’s all there is to know about Graphorns and where to find them in Hogwarts Legacy. Learn all about the various creatures and how to tame them in our Beast Guide and visit the Hogwarts Wiki for all you need to know about  Hogwarts Legacy here at Gamer Tweak.