How To Find Pond Moss In Grounded

Getting this mossy resource can be slightly tricky!

Grounded is an explorer survival-based game where the players are shrunk to the size of an ant offering a unique experience similar to the 90’s movie ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.’ The game which was in early access has now been fully released so you can dive into the world of bugs, insects and arachnids of all kinds. In the pursuit of surviving in the backyard garden of your house, you must find shelter, hunt for food and collect all kinds of resources. One such resource is the Pond Moss which is a seemingly difficult resource to get. Pond Moss is used to craft exclusive and rare items like the Sour Staff and used in high-tier armors in the game. So in this guide we will break down how you can find Pond Moss in Grounded.

How to Get Pond Moss in Grounded

Now, in order to find Pond Moss, as the name suggests, you need to head to the pond in the yard. More specifically, you need to go to the ring-shaped pond next to the Pagoda to the East of the Map. At the bottom of this dirty pond is where you will find loads of Pond Moss growing.

Grounded How To Find Pond Moss
Image Source: Sir Sim-Alot on YouTube

However, here’s the tricky part: The only tool you can harvest a Pond Moss is with a Widow Dagger. The spider fang required to craft this dagger is one of the most difficult to obtain items in the game making this an ultra rare tool to obtain. This is also the only Tier 3 Dagger which is the primary requisite to harvest this moss. Simply put, you need to fight the Black Widow spider, one of the most formidable mobs in the game, to get its spider fang for crafting the Widow Dagger.

Now, just defeating the Black Widow and getting the Dagger is not the end of all your problems, as you may have to face a couple other mobs on your way to finding Pond Moss too. The area of the Ring Pond is infested with Water Fleas and Diving Bell Spiders. Fighting these mobs is no easy feat either as they deal significant damage.

That is all you need to know on how to find Pond Moss in Grounded. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on how to find Berry Leather in this game.

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