How To Find Berry Leather In Grounded

Find out how to get Berry Leather to make protection armor.

Grounded is an explorer survival-based game where the players are shrunk to the size of an ant offering a unique experience similar to the 90’s movie ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.’ The game which was in early access has now been fully released so you can dive into the world of bugs, insects and arachnids of all kinds. In the pursuit of surviving in the backyard garden of your house, you must find shelter, hunt for food and collect all kinds of resources. One such resource is Berry Leather which is used to craft armor and padding for increased protection. This is essential for progress in the game. So in this guide we will break down how you can get Berry Leather in Grounded.

How to Get Berry Leather in Grounded

In order to get Berry Leather, firstly you will need to unlock the Berry Leather recipe by inspecting or analyzing a Berry Chunk in the laboratory. You can get Berry Chunks by breaking blue Berries in the game. Berries can sometimes be found lying in the area in the south-eastern region of the map that is covered in Berry Trees.

Grounded How To Find Berry Leather

Once you have discovered the Berry Leather recipe, you can start farming Berries for Berry Chunks. You need three of these Chunks to craft one Berry Leather. When you find a Berry Tree, you may have to knock some blue Berries down from the tree. You can do this with the help of either a bow and arrow tool or by shooting a bunch of pebbles at them. If you can’t find either of these, you can also climb up the tree to get them. Once you have enough Berry Chunks for your requirement, you can head to any workbench to get some Berry Leather. You can now use this to craft protective gear and armor like Ladybug Chestplate and Spider Hood.

An important thing to remember while scourging the Berry Trees region for Berries is that this area is infested with hostile mobs like Bombardier Beetles and Orb Weavers on the trees. So you must be cautious while exploring this part of the map and carry weapons in case you get attacked.

That is everything you need to know on how to find Berry Leather in Grounded. If you found this article and want more related content, check out this guide on how to get into the Sandbox in this game.