Colossal Fingercreeper Locations In Elden Ring

Here's a detailed guide on where to find Colossal Fingercreeper and their drops in Elden Ring.

If you are an Elden Ring veteran, then you must have already faced several creepy enemies. By killing these creatures, you can get drops like Runes, Spells, Equipment, and more. You can strengthen your build or upgrade your weapons with these resources. In the latest update, Colosseum, you can take part in PvP battles. So it’s natural to want to upgrade your weapons. Smithing Stones in this game are an Upgrade Material you can use to reinforce a weapon. To get it, you have to kill Fingercreepers. This article will tell you where to find Colossal Fingercreeper in Elden ring.

Where to Find Colossal Fingercreeper in Elden Ring

Colossal Fingercreeper at Mountain of the Giants

Fingercreepers are grotesque creatures that look like chopped-off hands and resemble a spider. They can be seen resting on mountains or underground. Moreover, they are hostile and can kill you with a few hits. So make sure you are ready before seeking them out. In Elden Ring, you can find the Fingercreeper at the Caria Manor gardens in Liurnia of the Lakes. Another place to look for them is Mt. Gelmir. This is located to the north of Liurnia and the west of the Altus Plateau. There, you will find this creature near the pillar by the Road of Iniquity. You can also find them lurking in the sewage of Leyndell, the Royal capital. If you are looking for a Colossal Fingercreeper in Elden Ring then visit the Mountaintops of the Giants. There, you can find them at Flame Peak.

Once you encounter them, you can either approach them or shoot them with a projectile to start the fight. They are weak against fire so make sure you have a weapon or spell with Fire Damage. Also, make sure to carry enough healing items because these creatures hit hard.

Fingercreeper Drops

These are the items Fingercreepers will drop:

  • Runes
  • Somber Smithing Stone (2)
  • Somber Smithing Stone (4)
  • Somber Smithing Stone (7)

The drop rate is 100% so make you fight a few of them. That’s everything on where to find Colossal Fingercreeper in Elden Ring and their drops. For more helpful guides like the Best Colossal Axe, visit our Elden Ring section soon.