Lords Of The Fallen Exacter Dunmire Location

NPCs are the heart of the game since they will be providing you with numerous side quests that are quite rewarding. And one such NPC is Exacter Dunmire who will give you numerous rewarding quests. So if you are wondering where to find Exacter Dunmire in Lords of the Fallen, this guide will show you where you need to go. He can be found donning a round hat, a long gray cloak, a book in his right hand, and a cane in the left and hopefully that will help you identify him when you reach the front of the Vestige of Ethryg in Skyrest Bridge.

There are other NPCs that can be quite useful for you. Since you will have to eventually upgrade weaponsupgrade Sanguinarix, and increase ammo capacity, it’s better if you know how to. One of the most important quests that you will get through Exacter Dunmire is the Book of Sin quest. He is looking for Hallowed Sentinels’ heretical deviations and malpractices through the Book of Sin. If you don’t the know the locations of these books, you can check out our guide right here.

Where to Find Exacter Dunmire in Lords of the Fallen

Although initially you will get to interact with him in the front of the Vestige of Ethryg in Skyrest Bridge, that’s not where he will be when you come back to Skyrest. If you are looking for Exacter Dunmire for the second time and further on, you will have to head to the study on the side of the Skyrest Bridge. Simply take a right once you Fast Travel through the Vestige and then take a left and you will reach the study. You won’t even have to switch realms while you are looking for the NPC.

Where to Find Exacter Dunmire in Lords of the Fallen

While Exacter Dunmire is quite rewarding, he has an interesting inventory of useful items that players can buy. Once you have had the initial interaction and have obtained the Gesture: 1x Dark Crusader’s Challenge after exhausting the dialogues, you can head to the study and interact with him to check out the inventory. Of course, you will have to farm Vigor even early in the game in order to get what you need.

That’s all we have from this guide on Exacter Dunmire Location. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Lords of the Fallen guides while you are here at Gamer Tweak.