How To Find Enemies In Hogwarts Legacy (Locations)

Here are the different locations where you can find enemies in Hogwarts Legacy.

Knowing how to find enemies and their locations in Hogwarts Legacy can be very useful. This can come in handy when you are looking to try out a new spell or complete some Dueling Feat challenges. In such cases, you might want to know some specific locations for them. So here is where you can find different enemies in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Find Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

You can find enemies in Hogwarts Legacy throughout the map in places like Bandit camps, lairs, and more. Below are some locations where you will always find various enemies in the game:

  • Bandit Camps
  • Swamp Areas
  • Mining Areas
  • Troll Lairs
  • Spider Nests
  • Battle Arena

These are the different enemies that you can find here:

Bandit Camps

bandit camp enemies location in hogwarts legacy
Image Credit: Map Genie

There are many different Bandit Camps in this game. And their size determines the type and number of enemies you will encounter here. You should typically find Ashiwinder and Poacher enemies here.

Swamp Areas

You should go to the North Ford Bog or the South Sea Bog when looking for Dugbog enemies. Their name itself has bog to suggest you look for them at swamps. Here you can mostly find Cottongrass, Stoneback, and Great Spinned Dugbog enemies here.

Mining Areas – Find Loyalist Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

When looking for the Loyalist enemies, you should go to the different mines in the game. Here you can find Loyalist Assassin, Commander, Sentinel, Warrior, and Ranger enemies.

Troll Lairs

troll lairs
Image Credit: Map Genie

As the name implies, these are troll lairs. You can expect to find all sorts of Trolls here like River, Fighter, Armored, Mountain, or other Trolls.

Spider Nests

Just like the Trolls, spiders in this game have their own nests where they spawn. So be it Venomous or Thornback, you can find all sorts of Scurriour, Hatchling, Shooter, or other spiders here.

You can also find spider enemies in the Forbidden Forest.

Battle Arena – Enemy Location in Hogwarts Legacy

battle arena
Image Credit: Map Genie

Finally, we have the Battle Arena. This is the place where you can find any of the enemies mentioned above. But here you fight enemies in waves. So there is no guarantee as such when and which enemy will appear next.

That covers this guide on all enemies and where you can find them in Hogwarts Legacy. I suggest you also check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki for more help on this game.